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We are building a business for the long term – sustainability is fundamentally important

Actions speak louder than words and we are proud to have delivered across various portfolios and initiatives over the years. Our non-negotiable position is:

  • We believe our business must operate sustainably and responsibly for it to grow and thrive
  • Our stakeholders include our shareholders, investors, employees, the community, our suppliers
  • Our ‘licence to operate’ is fundamentally important
  • We don’t regard this as an ‘additional extra’ – it is inherent and critical to our success
  • We believe sustainability in all of its forms – including environmental and social – represents an excellent opportunity to add value for our stakeholders (in particular our investors)
  • We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of technological and commercial progress in this regard – we have and will continue to be ‘early adopters’ where it is in the interests of our stakeholders to do so